The Rotary Club years part 2

The Rotary Club years part 2

The Rotary Club years part 2 | Evan Iliadis blog

The Rotary Club years part 2

In a previous entry, you got a general idea of the origins of this organization and a typical third world club as lived and understood. Noticed? I said organization, not an Order as I would say describing a group of people bind together by initiation and consequent revelations of rites and “secrets” going back in ages.

There isn’t such thing in Rotary. So do a favor to yourself and take off your mind any relation you think exist between them.

Are all Rotary clubs in the world equal? Depend on the angle you look at it. If you live, say, in the US, Australia or France it’s all clear and straight forward.

The Rotary Club years part 2

The Rotary Club years part 2 | Evan Iliadis blog

They invest a bit of their own money, they help in setting up fund raising events like barbecue, soirees and other get together payable events, slowly filling up their club bank account.

Is there anyone taking direct financial advantage of this?
Not really, at least not at the club level. The sums kept in these accounts aren’t that fat to trigger the temptation of fraud or misuse, provided most of the members are in good financial shape, no need to put their reputation at risk.

As said, the return on investment will be paid at some point down the road by the members helping each other in their respective business, (with no guarantee this will happen), or by the community at large that the Rotarian has been recognized as a man in good standing. At least that’s what he thinks and pray for… Excuse me? Why I mentioned man only? See it here.

Where the raised funds go? The Rotary Club years part 2 

Most of the  membership annual fees (Varies around the world) go to the Rotary global world administration in Evanston, Illinois and the Rotary districts the local club belongs. Don’t ask for more details, it might be out of subject and long to explain, don’t ask ordinary Rotarians either, they don’t know.
What is an ordinary Rotarian? Is just a member, he won’t stay long, a year at best, usually a couple of months, as opposed to one who is engaged in the organization, hoping to capitalize sooner or later from his efforts, some will, others not, eventually they will disappeared too.  You got it? Me neither!…

As for the raised funds by the club, they can choose to “invest it” the way they think is best and useful, in line with Rotary International guidelines, usually supporting a “Matching Grant” in partnership with a club located in the third world. This brings me to the subject I’m here today.

Rotary International Matching Grants. What it is? The Rotary Club years part 2

I’ll make it simple for you to understand. Rotarian or not, if you are a member living in the third world, chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about, chances are you don’t even know how you wind up being a member. Here we go: Below is a screenshot of a Roatry site  where clubs mostly from the third world put adds searching sponsoring clubs and districts  in the third world to finance a project in their community.

The Rotary Club years part 2

The Rotary Club years part 2 | Evan Iliadis blog

The applying club in this example is the Rotary club of Tarlac  in the Philippines. All they had in hand for an $18,149 project was 0nly $100. The Rotary Club years part 2
I’m asking? That’s all they had?  100 dollars? Prominent people, politicians, businessmen… It seems to me a bit low. Not everyone is poor in the poor countries and none in the rotary. But somehow they feel the first world has an obligation to help them without any effort on their part. They are here to collect the likes and congratulations. Utang na loob to our local leaders! The Rotary Club years part 2 The Rotary Club years part 2

 Has anyone seen something I didn’t? Like a few words from a newly installed president? Something about Rotary? About poor and destitute? All we see is her (President’s) ass on 3D! Front, right and left side. It’s more fun in the Philippines, even more in the Rotary… Who funded the rest of the project? The Rotary Club years part 2

The Rotary district they belong, (Philippines) 4,500, a rotary club in South Korea , a Rotary District in South Korea 2,000, the remaining 8.550 from the Rotary Foundation .  75% of the project was financed by the hard working members in the first world, these people that never expose themselves on Youtube with edited pictures and fake smiles. Talk about narcissism on the net… The Rotary Club years part 2
Next when I find the time:  Rotary Foundation Matching grants, building contractors, why the Rotary foundation and clubs around the world should review the criteria of sponsoring clubs in the third world, unless they kicked their ass as they do it on YouTube, to raise on their own at least 2 third of the money needed for the project.

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