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Welcome to Evan Iliadis new blog. Not that I really need another one but for the heck of going a bit off the  usual subject is now  the right time to introduce you a few of my detractors in a different way and means as permitted by the terms and conditions of WP.com, the right to respond on their attacks that is. Evan Iliadis – The truth
In effect, 6 guys got together for the purpose of writing “anti Evan” blogs as most people call them. 5 people have more than 100 blog pages  (including on this version of WP)  and stolen photos published on my Facebook and other blogs I own. The problem with these pages the detractors have, is that the more they updating them the more look the same, same rant, same titles,“Evan the liar” Evan the “psychopath” Evan,Evan,Evan! Everywhere! Evan Iliadis – The truth  

Their names are Christopher “aka” Chris Bennetts” living in remote areas of the Philippines (?) – Guenther Vomberg form Cebu Philippines- Matt Wilkie form Minglanila Cebu Philippines- Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas living in Cebu Philippines – Perry Gamsby former Cebu resident now living in Australia, Brad Hughes  a US citizen living in Cagayan de Oro Philippines.
They all met through my several blogs I maintain on the internet in combatting prostitution and human trafficking in the S/E Asia, particularly in the Philippines, where serious accusations about the practice within the expat community went by  without been prosecuted, corruption and collaboration of crooked officials oblige. Evan Iliadis – The truth
I had no other choice than appeal to good people around the world for help in a “naming and shaming” campaign shaking the expat and sexpat community forcing them to erase entire blogs and forums, closing bar fines and bikini bars (brothels), deporting criminals and psychopaths out of the Philippines, removing their membership  from boards putting their web sites under private registrations. Evan Iliadis – The truth

Finally! The Philippines National Police  starts paying attention, reading my blogs and arrested pimps and pedophiles operating out of the Philippines behind bogus Call Centers and other legitimate services on the surfaces, but behind close doors the real business was the now famous “sex dens” involving exposure of minors and forced into prostitution girls. Others from around the world joined Evan and helped him with information in tracking pimps, scammers, human traffickers in the expat community. Here she is: Activist Cecilia Flores-Oebanda

Evan Iliadis – The truth

Evan Iliadis – The truth | Evan Iliadis blog

Evan Iliadis – The truth   wouldn’t be the truth without an homage to an activist Lady living in Cebu Philippines, consecrating her life rescuing minors from the hands of criminals human traffickers. She has paid the price for that, Philippines government corrupted agents in connection with the mobs in the expat community worked hard to smear her name.  She survived! So did I!    

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  1. jack k masson says:

    Evan Iiadis, I am fascinated by the life you have lived in the Philippines. I am a semi-retired Canadian academic from a Canadian university and am still writing. A close half Filipino and half Swedish colleague (new deceased) and I published several papers on Filipino immigration to America and to Alaska. I also was consulting for an agency of the Canadian government in Mindanao some years ago. I have decided I would like to retire to the Philippines and have a number of questions for which I have been unable to find answers. Would it be possible for you to grant me perhaps ten or fifteen minutes of your time to answer some of my questions by e-mail.
    With very best regards,
    Jack K. Masson

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  5. Mac Bungle says:

    I have photos of the Philippines Addicts and PiAtNight owners if you are interested.

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